Wednesday, October 05, 2022
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President's Message
President / Master:
George Russell
63 New Street
Canaan, CT 06018
Phone: 860-824-7056

CT State Grange Office:
P.O. Box 3
100 Newfield Road
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Office: 860-909-1101

Riverton No. 169
2022 Honor Grange Information

Presidentís Message: Time for State Session
  October 2, 2022 --

The 138th Annual Session of the Connecticut State Grange is upon us and we are hoping we will have a successful session this year.

I would like to give a warm welcome to Kathy and Glenn Gibson. Kathy is the Lady Assistant Steward of the National Grange and her husband is President of the Massachusetts State Grange. They are our National Grange Representatives to the Session.

As I am writing this article, we have 19 resolutions that have been assigned to four Session Committees. The committees will be working online ahead of State Session to go over the resolutions and have them ready to be presented to the delegates. This is the same format that we used last year, and it seemed to have worked out very well.

There will be a Sixth Degree Rehearsal on Thursday evening (Oct. 20) at the close of the Grange. This will, hopefully, be around 10 P.M.. All officers, deputies and court members are asked to be present at the rehearsal.

As this is an election year and I have completed my four years as your State President, I would like to thank the members of the Connecticut State Grange for your support in the last four years.   I know my term has had its ups and downs, but we finally made it to the end. I had a Past State President tell me that he had gone through the same things he did when he was

State President, with the exception of dealing with the pandemic. I think the pandemic was the hardest obstacle but with perseverance, we got through it and it looks like we’re on our way to recovery.

So, stay healthy and safe and we’ll see you on October 20 at State Session in Norwich!



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