Wednesday, October 05, 2022
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 Oct News from Senexet Grange No. 40

Oct. 8: Cleaning Saturday Oct. 13: Working meeting 2PM Oct. 15: Membership Awards Oct. 29: Shepherd’s Pie Dinner Oct. 26: Monthly Meeting Pumpkin/ Halloween Activity Oct. 27: Pumpkin Decorating

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 Oct News from Vernon Grange No. 52

Oct. 7: ; Program by Deaf Activities Committee Nov. 4: Hunger Awareness, Grocery Bingo Dec. 2: Stress Relief

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 Oct News from Glastonbury Grange No. 26

Oct. 6: Trick or Treat, Ref. Marycharles Howe &; Kay Ruff Nov. 3: Thank a Veteran. Ref. Doris Monaco &; Priscilla Schmartz At a recent meeting, Overseer Tom Breen presented Brother Peter Hunt with his 25 Year Certificate. It was really nice to see Peter as we had not seen him in several months.

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 Oct News from Cheshire Grange No. 23

Oct. 5: What is Special About Oct.? Oct. 19: True Colors Our annual fair was very successful including our Sunday roast beef dinner. We had good help all around. The public was glad to see us back to our two day format. The fair brought us two new member applications.

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 Oct News from Lyme Grange No. 147

Meetings: Nov. 3, Dec. 1, Jan. 5 Thanks to many, many volunteers, Grange members and non-Grange members we had a very successful Hamburg Fair in August. ;Record- breaking gates with about 6,500 people in attendance. We had some new events. People loved them... the horse pull and oxen pull were not held. In the past few years animal activists have come and disturbed everything. Our Grange . . .

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 Hank’s Hankerings: Butternut Lasagna with Mushrooms & Sage

Fall has officially arrived, and with the leaves changing and a chill in the air, comfort food takes center stage. Feasting at home has a recipe for Butternut Lasagna - a nice autumn vegan twist on a classic dish - perfect for the holidays or your next Grange potluck. YIELD: 9 servings

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