Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Contests and Recipes 2019/2020
NOTE: If you do not see the contest rules and information you are looking for here, please check the individual department section. If you still do not see the information, please contact the Director or Committee.

Lecturer's Program:
Talent Contest
"A Number" Contest - Theme "Holidays"
Complete Program - "It Happened in the USA"
Photo Contest - Five Categories
A Word From Home - Letter Writing Project
Essay Writing Contest: "My Grange"

Agriculture / Conservation Committee:
Outstanding Young Agricultural Professional Award
Oustanding Agricultural Professional Award

Membership Committee:
State Membership Contests

Women's Activities Committee:
Northeast Region Needlework Contest
Door Decoration Contest - 2018
Craft Contest
CT State Grange Baking Contest
Junior Grange Program: Needlework Contest / Junior Baking Contest

Information / Publicity Committee:
Promote Your Grange: Creative Video Contest
Best Cooperative Partnership Contest
Social Media Participation Contest

Social Connection Committee:
Connecticut State Grange Granger of the Year Contest

Youth Committee:
State Youth Contests

Junior Grange Program:
State Junior Contests
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