Friday, July 19, 2024
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Jul News from Beacon Valley Grange No. 103

By Joanne Cipriano

  JULY 9, 2024 --

For one week prior to the celebration of our 135th anniversary, the weather predictions were torrential rain and hail. Unfortunately this was not the case, when I left to go to Grange there no rain, nor was it raining on my way home. Some people who had planned to come err on the side of caution and stayed home and we can’t blame them.

We do thank those who came especially Todd Gelineau, Connecticut State Grange Secretary, who presented the membership certificates and our “Community Citizen Award”. Great Job. This year’s award was presented to “Animals for Life”. Thanks also to Robert Charbonneau, State Public Relations Committee who was our Musician and State Master Robert Buck and First Lady Maggie.

We had a beautiful strawberry country store thanks to everyone who brought items and the drawing of our semi-annual raffle. The raffle was profitable and will help us pay off another payment of our loan. Our next raffle will be Saturday December 23rd.

The officers have been very generous with donations and selling the tickets, we could use some raffle items from our stay-at-home members.

As Master, I would like to thank Jean Meehan for the beautiful strawberry favors she made. She has talent.

Our next meeting will be July 12th and will be Officer’s Planning meeting.

Our tag sales continue the third Saturday of each month (9 to 3) and Open Mic the same day (2 to 5). We can always use tag sale items.



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