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Oct News from Lyme Grange No. 147

By Lois Evankow

  October 2, 2022 --

Meetings: Nov. 3, Dec. 1, Jan. 5 Thanks to many, many volunteers, Grange members and non-Grange members we had a very successful Hamburg Fair in August.  Record- breaking gates with about 6,500 people in attendance. We had some new events. People loved them... the horse pull and oxen pull were not held. In the past few years animal activists have come and disturbed everything.

Our Grange voted a delegate to State Session. As soon as we get more information, we will have a certificate night. It’s overdue. Hopefully in October we shall accomplish this.

One member, Ruth Young, is due to receive her 75th year certificate from National Grange. What a special milestone to a special lady.

Hope everyone survived the heat this past summer and are looking forward to a nice, mild fall and winter.



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