Friday, March 24, 2023
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October News from Senexet Grange No. 40

By Diane Miller

  October 5, 2022 --

Oct. 8: Cleaning Saturday

Oct. 13: Working meeting 2PM

Oct. 15: Membership Awards

Oct. 29: Shepherd’s Pie Dinner Oct. 26: Monthly Meeting Pumpkin/ Halloween Activity

Oct. 27: Pumpkin Decorating

We continue to have activities in our hall for the community. We are planning an Awards day program for our long time members on Saturday Oct. 15. We had an installation of officer’s night at Killingly Grange. It was good to be together with their officers. Thank you to Noel Miller and his team for installing us.

We had a great exhibit at the Woodstock Fair in the exhibit hall. Thanks to our members and their families for providing items for the display.  This display includes many items showing the work of the Grange and our significant symbols. We held a very impressive Welcoming Ceremony for 5 new members. We welcome Fred, Herb, Eva, John and Xandar. Each of them gave a short talk about their interests and we enjoyed hearing their stories.

There are several dinners being planned as fundraisers. A pumpkin decorating contest will be held just before Halloween. This brings members of the community into our hall.

Thank all of those who help with our activities. That is what the Grange is about.


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