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Sep 2022 News from Senexet Grange No. 40

By Diane Miller

  September 6, 2022 --

Sept. 9: Installation of Officers at Killingly Grange

Sept. 28: Back to School Membership Challenge

Activities have continued at our Grange hall. We are making plans for an Awards night program to honor our members that have belonged for a long time.

We had a very successful Locally Grown day on Saturday August 6. Several local farms and other local businesses held open houses and tours. Our Master Amy Monahan organized this event for the town saying the concept was to explore everything that made Woodstock special.

Our Grange held a breakfast to encourage the community to visit our meeting hall and learn more about our programs. We also held our annual Grange Fair with 14 exhibitors and over 50 entries. We were very pleased to be able to have the community see our wonderful exhibits. This was the second year of this Locally Grown event and we hope to grow it every year. We had a wonderful article of this event in the local paper following the day of the event. Other groups continue to meet in our hall. We hold additional work meetings on Thursday afternoons. This helps us bring in members and others who would rather come during the day. We are planning events and dinners for the fall, including dinners and workshops.   A welcome ceremony was held in August for our new members. We hope you will come to visit us and see what we are doing to encourage the community to join our events.



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