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Aug 2022 News from Beacon Valley Grange No. 103

By Joanne Cipriano

  August 9, 2022 --

The saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is really not just for men it applies for us women too. At our officer’s planning meeting, we had a pizza dinner before it.   The best pizza I had in a long time.

During the meeting, when we were asking for volunteers to volunteer to put on programs and to provide refreshments we didn’t have to ask twice.

Our program theme for the next year is “The Flower of the Month”. Some of these will be easy but it is nice to have a challenge sometimes.

We discussed fund raising which is not easy to do. We need money to replace our roof which is past dues for repair. We will continue our tag sales and open mic which are held on the third Saturday of each month. We could use some volunteers to help with the tag sales and participants and audience for the open mic. Attendance at both has increased.

Our piano which has been a fixture for years was damaged and in looking for someone to remove it we got a quote of $550.00.   We thank Secretary Marilyn Ventura who volunteered her husband to remove it free.  We also thank Ron Fischer who has been doing a lot of yard work. Our driveway now looks respectfully. It was a great meeting. Our August meeting will be on the 12th and will be our picnic with a potluck plus supper at 6 o’clock.  Our September meeting is September 9th.

And the program is “Teddy Bears”.



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