Sunday, August 14, 2022
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Around The Grange
Jun 2022 News from Cheshire Grange No. 23

By Ruel Miller

  June 1, 2022 --

June 1:   Election of Officers and Memorial Service.

June 15:  Flags

July 6:  Omitted

July 20:  Picnic at the Millers – 6:00 PM – Potluck

We held an open meeting on May 4th with a Dean Martin impersonator that was very well received. We had 42 attendees, 25 of which were non- members from nearby towns. We are receiving inquiries from one of the hiking clubs that we have done dinners for in the past. This is a good sign that hopefully we will returning to some sort of normalcy post-COVID. On the subject of dinners, we are planning to return to our Sunday fair dinner when we return to our two-day fair on August 27 and 28. Four of us visited with Winchester Grange on May 4th, two of us via zoom. We wish everyone a happy spring with warmer weather than we have been having at this point.



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