Sunday, August 14, 2022
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Feb 2022 News from Senexet Grange No. 40

By Diane Miller

  February 20, 2022 --

Feb. 23: Health Check and Healthy Winter Meals

Our Grange has continued to meet in our hall. We had a very successful Christmas pie sale thanks to the help of many hands. We held our annual Christmas party with a Yankee Swap gift exchange. It was great to see some visitors from the community. The hall continues to be used by a local yoga group as well as a home school group. The upstairs has become the meeting place for the local corn hole group on a two times a month schedule.

Plans for the next month include a collection of food for the local food bank and a local vendor craft fair. We have held some cooking sessions for the public. These will become more popular as the season continues.

We will be having a gathering of several Granges from neighboring Rhode Island and Massachusetts on Sunday Feb. 6. We have sent invitations to 13 Granges and are excited to hear back that many accepted the invitation.

A list of items has been prepared for the ways to keep our house in order. These will include cleaning, sorting, repairing and replacing. An inventory of supplies and craft items will be made so that we can go ahead and hold some sessions for the community to use these. It is exciting to see the public come into our hall to see what we are doing and how they can help and learn.

Our recycled feed bags made into shopping bags for sale has been popular.

We have decided to hold our regular meetings on the fourth Wednesday instead of the third Wednesday to accommodate other groups that meet on this date. We will also hold working sessions on the second Saturday of each month following a potluck lunch.



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