Friday, May 27, 2022
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Jan 2022 News from Senexet Grange No. 40

By Diane Miller

  January 16, 2022 --

Jan.  19:  Resolutions 2022 & Health Screening

We continue to have a busy season. We are holding monthly meetings. We continue to have groups using out hall. A yoga group meets several days each week. A home school session is held regularly in our hall.  We also have a group using the hall for corn hole meets. We would like to have an open house for promoting other local organizations similar to a “job fair”.

We held a very successful Thanksgiving pie sale these included pumpkin. blueberry, apple and pork pies. We will have a similar pie sale for Christmas. We are discussing other ideas for the winter months including a cooking session on a weekly basis. We also would like to do a paint night. It was discussed to have potluck dinners on Saturday or Sunday.

We made and distributed Christmas cards to members.

In December we had a very successful craft fair in our hall for many local businesses. This was in conjunction with the annual Woodstock Winter Festival. It was good to see so many buyers visit our hall to purchase items to support local businesses. We also sold refreshments including a delicious minestrone soup. We continue to update our hall and have many displays for the public to see when they use our hall.  We continue to make our recycled shopping bags for sale. These are popular and sell for $5.

We hope to see members and visitors at our monthly meetings.



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