Friday, May 27, 2022
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October 2020 News from Nutmeg Pomona No. 16

By Joanne Cipriano

  OCTOBER 7, 2020 --

Master Donald Lanoue scheduled a meeting for Sunday September 20th at Cheshire Grange for the officers.  Too early to tell you what happened but we will keep you informed.

Cheshire Grange had a meeting on September 16th with good attendance.  Check Ruel’s Cheshire Grange news for further details.  Beacon Valley Grange has a meeting scheduled for Friday October 9th.  Will report in the next Granger.

Any other Granges in Nutmeg Pomona meeting, please let me know.

Our sympathies are extended to Brother Robert Charbonneau of Meriden Grange on the passing of his wife Cindy.

Both are extremely active in State, Pomona and Meriden Granges.  Her passing will leave a space hard too fill.


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