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Public Relations News
Sell the Grange

By Geno Piacentini, Information/Publicity Committee

  APRIL 2009 --

I hate  watching commercial T.V. ....all those advertisements. You could watch a movie that  starts at 8:00 and ends at 11:00.  Most movies are less than two hours long, do  the math, you’re watching more than one hour of commercials.

As much as I  dislike commercials, it is a necessary evil.  If you want people to know about  your product you have to advertise.  Our product is the Grange.  We want to advertise the Grange.  How do we  that?  Let me count the ways.  Heres one way, word of  mouth.
You are a Granger.  Let people know you are a Granger every chance you get.  When they ask you; what is the Grange?  Well, that’s when you become a salesperson for the Grange.  Tell them what we are all about.....what a great organization we are, all the fun we have, and the good things we do for the Community.
Tell them about the many services available to members such as insurance, prescription drug services, mortgage services, student loan services and so much more.  Don’t pretend to be an expert in all these areas, just let them know that they are services available to Grangers.  Convince them to come to a meeting so they can see for themselves.  Encourage them to join the Grange.  That is your ultimate goal.  Don’t stop until you have reached your goal.  The future of the Grange is new members, new members to carry on the tradition.  The tradition of the Grange.
This is one way to get new members.  Try it.


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