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Public Relations News
Make use of all resources

By Carl Bernhardt, State Publicity Director

  FEBRUARY 2009 --

A good publicity chairman takes advantage of every opportunity.  A good chairman encourages all their members to be walking advertisements for the Grange.  We have to use every available source.  And yet, a lot of Granges are overlooking one of the best bargains available ‑‑ The Connecticut Granger.
Dedicated people devote hundreds of hours of their own time to make this paper possible.  Use it to your advantage.  Use it to convince your members to attend meetings.  Stress upcoming events.  Make your members want to come to meetings.  We can increase our attendance by getting back some of the members who have gotten out of the habit of attending meetings.  Urge your Grange to become a 100% Granger subscriber and get the news of your happenings into all your Grange households.  And then, make sure your column appears each and every month.  Believe me, people will notice when you miss a deadline.
Finally, in the Granger, and in all of your publicity remember that you are representing not only your grange, but Grange members everywhere.  Strive to make a good impression.  Stress quality over quantity.  Make your article interesting.  Make people want to keep reading.  A short article read by many beats a long article only read by a few.


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