Saturday, March 23, 2019
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May 2018 News from Ekonk Community Grange

By Sue Gray

  May 12, 2018 --

What a wonderful time we had with our dear friends from Richmond, RI!  Seventeen of us took them our program and 19 came from Richmond to Ekonk bringing us lots of Family Feud fun! Richmond’s Pete Fish was a super!

“Richard Dawson... Steve Harvey” host! Our cupcake contest went over well and 9 year old Brianna Gervais beat out the Subordinate entries with her clever cupcake caterpillar (chocolate cupcakes with raspberry filling). We appointed a five-member committee to look into improving our parking area now that our Grange actually owns the land. Betsy Molodich proudly reported that the Northeast District Dept. of Health gave our Grange a 100% on our health inspection--can’t do any better than that! We, sadly, draped our Charter in loving memory of James Larkin Sr. Two of his grand-daughters are very active Juniors at Ekonk and his daughter, Tammy, brought everyone to near tears with her beautiful voice as she sang “The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Music”, surrounded by several Juniors when we took our program to Richmond! A wonderful family! Ned Sebastian is Chairman for the May 6th awards luncheon, when we have an amazing 450 years of Grange membership to celebrate. We are honoring Sterling residents Michael and Wyatt Jordan, who saved the life of an injured young woman, pulling her to safety just before her pickup truck burst into flames. May 12th we are invited to the dedication of the Veterans Park, abutting the Jewett City facility for formally homeless veterans that our Grange began working with at its inception. Then that day, at 5:00 p.m., we will have our annual roast beef supper with all profits donated to the Veterans housing there. May 19th, we will be at Brooklyn Fairgrounds, preparing and serving the food for the annual Relay for Life and donating all profits to Relay for Life. Then at 7:30 p.m., we are having our 3rd and final square dance. We voted a $100.00 donation to the Northeast states hosting National Grange in Stowe, VT, specifically to help pay the cost of the National Junior Grange  tour. Ekonk’s Jody and Jodi Ann Cameron are Co-Chairmen for this committee. Brenda Craig has done an exemplary job as Chaplain Protem in the absence of her Aunt, Paulette Craig. By the time that you read this, Paulette will have flown home to Voluntown after a winter in sunny Florida! Our Juniors continue to amaze us with their accomplishments. Olivia Izzarelli, 5, waits tables at our suppers with a determination unparalleled; what a gem!

They held a fundraising Pampered Chef Party at the Grange, enjoyed a painting class by Artique and earned around $900.00 on their Easter fruit and nut sale!



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