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Around The Grange
January News From New London County Pomona

By Nancy Weissmuller

  January 29, 2017 --

Mar. 4: “Talent Show” Ekonk Grange

It’s time to search out your talent and put your heads together to plan you’re A-Number for our meeting in March. We hope to have one of each from all twelve of our Subordinate Granges. That would really be a night to remember! The theme for the A-Number contest this year is “Vacations.” Remember to keep your skit or talent to 6 minutes including set-up. We will be meeting at Ekonk Grange, a first for our Pomona. Hope to see a big crowd there!

Calling all talent and A Numbers, too.

We hope you’ll be with us, we’re counting on you.

So come out to Ekonk and join in the fun,

Can’t do it without you, come on everyone!


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