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Public Relations News
Public Relations: 2014 Contest Winners Announced

By Terri Fassio and Robert Charbonneau, Public Relations Co-Directors

  NOVEMBER 5, 2014 --

The Connecticut State Grange Public Relations Committee offered 5 Contests in 2014. Judging for our contests was completed by rating each criteria on a 1 to 10 basis, and is anonymous through an online judging system. There were 11 judges (5 PR Committee members / 3 other Grange Members / 3 Non-Grange Members.)  Here’s the winners —

1.) Promote Your Grange: Creative Video Contest

Create a video promoting your Grange of any length, and of any theme.

Winner:  Ekonk Community Grange 125th Anniversary video created by William Sebastian

2.) Grange Micro-Promotion Contest

Promote the message of the Grange by writing a compelling promotion in less than 140 characters.  Winner:  Winchester Grange No. 74

3.) Show Off Your Grange Marketing Materials Contest

Granges are asked to submit one method that they use to publicize and promote their Grange.  This could be a poster, brochure, booth at a community event, community service project, special event, etc. and write a brief description is applicable.  Winner:  Winchester Grange No. 74

4.) Best Cooperative Partnership Contest

An integral part of Grange public relations is partnering with other local groups and organizations.  Granges were asked to write a description of how they  integrated/utilized a Cooperative Partnership.  Winner:  Killingly Grange No. 112

5.) Social Media Participation Contest

Granges are automatically entered into this contest by effectively and actively managing a proper Facebook and/or Twitter Page.


Juniors:  Ekonk Community Junior Grange No. 101

Pomona:  (Tie) Central Pomona No. 1 and Quinebaug Pomona No. 2

Community:  Note: Only one percentage point separated the first and second place winners.

1st Place: Wolcott; 2nd Place: Cheshire; 3rd Place: Winchester.



Pomona:  Central Pomona No. 1

Community:  Note: Again, Only one percentage point separated the first and second place winners.

1st Place: Winchester 2nd Place: Cannon 3rd Place: Meriden 

All Granges with Facebook and/or Twitter Pages received a special participation certificate.  

Ekonk Community Jr. Grange #101

Central Pomona #1

Quinebaug Pomona #2

Mt. County Pomona #4

New London Cty Pomona #6

Excelsior Pomona #7

Granby Grange #5

Cheshire Grange #23

Southington Grange #25

Meriden Grange #29

Whigville Grange #48

Eureka Grange #62

Winchester Grange #74

Hillstown Grange #87

Ekonk Comm. Grange #89

Ashford Grange #90

Taghhannuck Grange #100

Litchfield Grange #107

Killingly Grange #112

Beacon Grange #118

Bethlehem Grange #121

Greenfield Hill Grange #133

Prospect Grange #144

Norfield Grange #146

Lyme Grange #147

Cannon Grange #152

Riverton Grange #169

Norwich Grange #172

Wolcott Grange #173

Oxford Grange #194

Simsbury Grange #197

Groton Comm. Grange #213


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