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Ekonk Community Junior Grange October News Update

By Rebecca Gervais

  OCTOBER 13, 2014 --

Our Grange Fair has passed, and, unequivocally, the “best thing” about the fair was the duct tape station!  The Animal Program was deemed “pretty cool”, too.  Did you know that in the dark, when you shine a ultraviolet light, a scorpion’s exoskeleton will shine a neon-ish green/blue?  Super neat!  --I am not sure WHO came up with that method of searching for scorpions, but, surprising to see.

At our September meeting, all of our Officers were installed.  THANK YOU to Sister Sue Gray for running a wonderful Installation.  One of the special things about our Installation is that our parents/family are the ones who introduce us and give us our sashes.

We also performed the Badge Ceremony, where 12 Juniors earned 16 Badges:  Carly, Donalyn, Jenna, and Lillian who earned their Grange Adventures Badge #1 (Camp, Drill Team, Special day at State Grange); Carly, Connor, Abby, Evelyn, Casey, Patrick, and Brianna, who earned Grange Adventures Badge # 5 (finger spelling); Russell, Lillian and Brianna who earned Grange Adventures Badge #6 (for attendance); and Jared who earned Team Up America #7 (a train trip across the USA with 5 stops) and Discovery Network Badge #8 (family tree). GREAT JOB!!  We would like to thank Brother Cooper, Ekonk’s President, for assisting us with this ceremony.

At our October meeting, we will be harvesting our garden.  There were some big pumpkins in there, I hope there is an abundance of butternut squash, as well!  October will be a busy month, leading up to the super-busy months of November and December.  Can hardly believe we will be preparing for our Christmas musical.

If you’re ever able to, feel free to join us!


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