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Ekonk Junior Grange gives Sterling School a worldly gift

By Don Bond, Norwich Bulletin (3/9/13)

  MARCH 22, 2013 --

Sterling Community School sixth-grader Corey Sarette looked up at the 8-foot-by-13-foot map of the world, a gift from the Ekonk Community Junior Grange that was mounted on the hallway wall outside language arts teacher Jackie Angelone’s classroom.

“The map is really helpful. We use it a lot in our classes,” Sarette, who is also a member of the Junior Grange, said. “I like that we can write on the map (with dry-erase markers), because that helps to show us things we need to learn.”

The map was “dedicated” in an informal ceremony Wednesday with Rebecca Gervais, Junior Grange leader, her son, Trevor, who is president of the Junior Grange and an eighth-grader at the school, and Angelone participating.

“The best thing about this map is that it was built in eight sections that can be moved around easily and then reattached to the wall in whatever order we want,” Angelone said. “Right now, North America got moved around because we’re studying the migration of the human race from Africa across Europe and Asia and then over the Bering Strait to North America.”

Angelone credited Russell Bonner, the school’s maintenance engineer, with creating the frame that allowed the map to be sectioned.

“It really makes it work better, because I can bring one or two sections right into the classroom to help show what I’m teaching the students,” Angelone said.

Trevor Gervais said the Junior Grange used a variety of fundraising projects, including a fruit and nut sale, a bottle and can collection and the winnings from a drill team competition to raise the approximately $150 needed to purchase the map.

Seventh-grader Natasha Ignacio said the map has helped her to better understand her history course.

“It lets us see where things we’re reading about took place,” she said.

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