Friday, July 19, 2024
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From The Lecturer's Desk
From the Lecturer’s Desk: NE Lecturer’s Conf.

By David Roberts, CT State Grange Lecturer

  JUNE 1, 2024 --

May’s heirloom reading was “For in our fraternity, there is work for all, and the idler has no place among Patrons of Husbandry”. This message is from the Vice President/ Overseer during the First Degree. I love this message as it reminds me about how engaged many of us are serving others.

We are less than one month from the 2024 North East Lecturers Association (NELA) Conference from June 21-23 at the Holiday Inn in Norwich, CT. There has not been a NELA conference in over five years, so this is an awesome opportunity locally for all Grangers and want-to-be-Grangers to join together for great food, fun, education, and relaxation. Our event is open to all and we hope you will consider registering today at https://sites.google.com/view/nelcgrange/home?authus-er=2 . As the CSG Lecturer’s Department is hosting this conference for the North East Region this year, we chose to host it at the Holiday Inn, the same hotel as our State Session.

A few months ago, I shared new information about National Grange Foundation providing complimentary materials on the Reaching Rural Surgical Seniors (RRSS) program for all community and Po- mona Granges. National Grange chose to undertake this project be- cause rural America is underserved by the nation’s healthcare system. There are fewer doctors—especially specialists—per capita, many rural hospitals are in danger of closing, incomes are lower and employers are less likely to provide health insurance, distances to care are greater and there is less broadband access to medical information and virtual office visits. Older rural residents requiring surgery have less access to care and may be less informed on how to participate in their care and about treatment choices. Thanks to this new opportunity, the Grange is disseminating pre-surgery and post-surgery guides generated from results of federal government-funded research studies to optimize post-surgery discharge care, pro- viding patients with actionable information enabling them to understand their conditions, to help them make more informed care decisions consistent with their personal goals and preferences, to facilitate shared decision making with clinicians and to better prepare for surgery. Materials can be found at www.senior-surgeryguides.com . I mentioned in my original column that in addition to providing valuable information to your Grange friends and your community, you can also be one of the first community Granges to earn a $100 incentive payment just by supporting this initiative. I am pleased to report that Connecticut State Grange is the first State Grange that has qualified for a $500 payment, and both Riverton and Granby Granges have been two of the first community Granges who each have qualified for $100 payments. Will your Grange be next? All checks will be presented at the National Grange Convention in Bettendorf, Iowa. I am serving as the Northeast Region POC for RRSS, so if you need help on this project, please ask me!  RRSS has materials for great Lecturer’s programs, either inperson or via Zoom.

As we say goodbye to Spring and hello to Summer, it is time for Granges to focus on our many contests to engage all Grangers in fun activities. All contests can be found on the Connecticut State Grange website at www.ctstategrange.org/contests.asp . One of my favorite contests is the Lecturer’s Photo Contest. This contest is open to all Grangers (Junior, Youth, 1+, and Grange). Judging will be held at the State Grange Family Festival this Summer and winning photos will be displayed at the State Grange Convention and then returned to their owners.  And yes, cash prizes (First, Second, Third) will be offered in each category. Adults will compete in one contest and Junior, Youth, and 1+ members will complete in a separate contest.

The four photo categories are Patriotism/Grange Activities, Pets/ Animals, Landscapes, and Flowers. And the rules are minimal: only prints are accepted; participants may enter all four categories, but are limited to one entry in each category; entries must have been taken by the participant since the last State Grange 2023 judging; no glass or frames are allowed on photos; prints may be processed commercially, but the photo must have been taken by the entrant; if used, the size of photo/backing can be no smaller than 4”x6” or larger than 11”x14”; and the entrant’s name, contest category, Grange/Grange number, and phone number must be placed on the back of each entry. So, grab your phones or cameras and start snapping your award-winning photos.

A special shout out to North Stonington Grange who has invited me three years in a row to visit and present their Community Citizen of the Year recognition. This is a great opportunity for Granges/Lecturers to involve the community in your local Grange. I look forward to visiting your Grange. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at Granbydavidroberts@gmail.com  or 860-469-5067.



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